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Booth: 107 (Hall 1)

Pieter van overbeke
Commercial director

Collaborate on the machines and devices of tomorrow!

Collaborate on the machines and devices of tomorrow!

Act in time aims to support customers in the development of ever better devices in the field of MECHATRONICA. The best solution is the one where electronics, electricity and mechanics meet. Only when all components are correctly determined does the machine or equipment builder have the solution with which to conquer the market. Since we cannot know everything about everything, our focus has gone to the following areas of knowledge:

+ Size: miniaturization often leads to a more convenient device.
+ Precision: sometimes something needs to be very precise, but how exactly do you achieve that?
+ Noise level: not only in the bedroom should it be quiet, also in a lab this is often a wish for example
+ Environmental factors: how do you ensure that the device continues to work even when submerged in water?
+ Lifetime: should the device move 1 time per hour or 100 times per second, this is certainly useful to consider during design.
+ Energy consumption: no comment, we all know we need to make everything more energy efficient and especially if it’s battery powered….

Wondering how a small team of Belgian engineers can make this happen? Well, by being the link to that factory somewhere in the world that develops and can produce the right product for the application.

Curious if you too can be part of this quest for better, visit us at booth 107 in Hall 1 and immediately enjoy the best apple juice* you’ve ever tasted!

* Made fresh on a machine from one of our best customers of course 😉


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Indumation is the unmissable and leading trade fair in industrial automation and Industry 4.0.  With 7 technology routes, you will discover a wide range of innovations in equipment, control technology, software solutions and more at the trade show.

Supported by federations Agoria and InduMotion, Indumation targets professionals from all branches of industry and offers a unique mix of innovations, demos and knowledge transfer through Expert Classes and the Connectivator hub. The trade fair promises the ideal formula with expertise, market-oriented offerings and an extensive fringe programme.

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Invent Media BV
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk


Wednesday January 31 2024
2.30 pm – 10 pm


Kortrijk Xpo – hal 4
Doorniksesteenweg 216
8500 Kortrijk (België)

Tjorven Delabie

Ontmoet Tjorven Delabie, een vooraanstaand figuur in de wereld van ruimtevaartechnologie. Met een doctoraat van de KU Leuven en als oprichter en CEO van arcsec, brengt Tjorven een schat aan kennis en ervaring naar Tech Guru Explosition 2024. Zijn bevlogenheid voor innovatie en ondernemerschap belooft een inspirerende toevoeging aan ons evenement.


  • AI heeft veel mogelijkheden, maar niet alles heeft baat bij AI. Sommige ontwikkeling zijn meer gebaat bij Actual Intelligence dan Artificial Intelligence.
  • Bij start-ups wordt vaak gefocust op het ophalen van kapitaal. Dat is niet bij elke onderneming de beste aanpak, soms kan bootstrappen beter werken.

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Steven Latré

Prof. Steven Latré is VP Onderzoek en Ontwikkeling voor Machine Learning en Kunstmatige Intelligentie en leidt het onderzoek naar kunstmatige intelligentie bij imec, het R&D-hub voor nano-elektronica en digitale technologieën. Hij staat aan het hoofd van een interdisciplinair team dat zich richt op het combineren van sensor- en chiptechnologie met AI om end-to-end oplossingen te bieden in sectoren zoals gezondheid, automotive en slimme industrieën. Daarnaast leidt hij de activiteiten van imec die imec-technologie vertalen naar grote digitale transformatieprojecten met de Vlaamse industrie. Ten slotte is hij verantwoordelijk voor de ingebedde universitaire groepen van imec op het gebied van AI en sociale wetenschappen. Naast dit alles is hij ook deeltijds hoogleraar aan de Universiteit Antwerpen.

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Joeri Ruyssinck

Tijdens zijn doctoraat aan de Universiteit Gent paste hij met succes machine learning toe in uiteenlopende contexten: het oplossen van problemen in de gezondheidszorg, automatisering, productie, energie en HVAC, engineering en biotechnologie. Zijn onderzoek is gepubliceerd in verschillende toepassingsgebieden en is gepatenteerd. Voordat hij bij ML2Grow kwam, was hij mede-docent aan de Universiteit Gent en senior technisch leider voor verschillende nationale en internationale machine learning-projecten bij imec.
Bij ML2Grow zijn Joeri en zijn collega's ervan overtuigd dat AI de nieuwe elektriciteit is: een alomtegenwoordige technologie die oplossingen vanuit de achtergrond mogelijk maakt over verschillende sectoren. ML2Grow is van mening dat deze technologie niet exclusief zou moeten zijn voor grote technologiebedrijven en biedt daarom unieke, nieuwe manieren om de adoptiebarrière te verlagen en de terugverdientijd te verkorten voor bedrijven van alle groottes. Deze aanpak heeft geleid tot de succesvolle introductie van AI in verschillende marktsectoren voor meer dan 50 bedrijven.
(bron: AIFund.ai)

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Joeri Ruyssinck EN

During his PhD at Ghent University, he successfully applied machine learning in diverse settings: solving problems in healthcare, automation, manufacturing, energy and HVAC, engineering and biotechnology. His research has been published in several domain applications and has been patented. Prior to joining ML2Grow, he was co-lecturer at Ghent University and senior technical lead for several national and international machine learning projects at imec.At ML2Grow, Joeri and his colleagues are convinced AI is the new electricity: an omnipresent technology that empowers solutions from the background across verticals. ML2Grow believes this technology should not be exclusive to the bigger tech companies and therefore offers unique novel ways to decrease the adoption barrier and shorten the payback period for companies of all sizes. This approach has resulted in the successful introduction of AI across various market verticals for more than 50 companies."

(bron: AIFund.ai)

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Tjorven Delabie EN

Meet Tjorven Delabie, a leading figure in the world of space technology. With a PhD from KU Leuven and as founder and CEO of arcsec, Tjorven brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Tech Guru Explosition 2024. His enthusiasm for innovation and entrepreneurship promises to be an inspiring addition to our event. Qoutes AI has a lot of potential, but not everything benefits from AI. Some development benefits more from Actual Intelligence than Artificial Intelligence. Start-ups often focus on raising capital. That is not the best approach with every company; sometimes bootstrapping can work better. Meet Tjroven Delabie on LinkedIn

  • AI has a lot of potential, but not everything benefits from AI. Some development benefits more from Actual Intelligence than Artificial Intelligence.
  • Start-ups often focus on raising capital. That is not the best approach for every company; sometimes bootstrapping can work better.

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Steven Latré EN

Prof. Steven Latré, is VP R&D Machine Learning and AI and is leading the artificial intelligence research at imec, the R&D hub for nano-electronics and digital technologies. He leads an interdisciplinary team which focuses on combining sensor and chip technology with AI to provide end-to-end solutions in sectors such as health, automotive and smart industries. He also leads imec’s activities that translate imec technology to large digital transformation projects with Flemish industry. Finally he’s responsible for imec’s embedded university groups in the field of AI and social science. Next to this, he is also a part-time professor at the University of Antwerp.

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Jean-Pierre van Gastel

Experienced Autodesk Technical Sales Specialist with a demonstrated history (27 years) of working in the software industry. Skilled in Design Animation/Visualization (3ds Max, Maya and VRED) real-time 3D (Unity Instructor certified), educating end users and channel partners in Europe in close relation with Autodesk, HP and NVIDIA.
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Jean-Pierre van Gastel

Ervaren Autodesk Technical Sales Specialist met een aantoonbare werkervaring (27 jaar) in de software-industrie. Vaardig in Design Animation/Visualization (3ds Max, Maya en VRED) real-time 3D (Unity Instructor gecertificeerd), het opleiden van eindgebruikers en channel partners in Europa in nauwe relatie met Autodesk, HP en NVIDIA.

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